Warrant to practice Law in Malta


In order to obtain a Warrant to practice Law in Malta, one must satisfy all the requirements stipulated in article 81 of the Code of Organization and Civil Procedure (Cap. 12) which states that the graduate:

(a) is of good conduct and good morals;

(b) is a citizen of Malta or of a Member State or is otherwise permitted to work in Malta under any law;

(c) has obtained the academic degree of Doctor of Law (LL.D.) in accordance with the provisions of the Statute of the University of Malta, or a comparable degree from such other competent authority in accordance with the principles of mutual recognition of qualifications, after having read law in Malta or in a Member State;

(d) has, after satisfying the requirement of paragraph (c), or, in the case of persons regularly following the academic course of law in the University of Malta, at any time after the commencement of the last academic year of the said course, for a period of not less than one year regularly attended at the office of a practising advocate of the Bar of Malta and at the sittings of the Superior Courts;

(e) possesses a full knowledge of the Maltese language as being the language of the Courts;

(f) has been duly examined and approved by two judges who shall issue, under their signature and seal, a certificate attesting that they have found the {applicant} to possess the qualifications above-mentioned and that the {applicant} is competent to exercise the profession of advocate in the courts of Malta.



This examination is held in the Maltese language and is divided in two parts: a written exam and an oral exam.

Two sessions of the warrant exam are held – one takes place a short time after the official University graduation ceremony and the other session is usually held in July. Both sessions are presently held at the Courts of Justice.

The dates of the written exam are published in the Government Gazette.

Dates of the Oral Exam will only be issued following the completion of the written exam.



In order to apply for the warrant exam, graduates must provide the following documents:

i) An original police good conduct certificate.

ii) A letter signed by an advocate confirming that the applicant has carried out the required practise according to the law;

iii) A copy of the degree certificate

All documentation should be submitted, two weeks prior to the exam date, to:

Ms Dolores Sultana
Secretary to the Director and Registrar
Room 102, Level -1, (Near the office of the Registrar of Civil Courts and Tribunals)
Civil Courts and Tribunals Directorate
Courts of Justice
Republic Street

Email: dolores.sultana@gov.mt      T: +356 25902 346

The applicant should also submit a scanned copy of their personal ID card (front and back), their parents’ date of birth/ID card number. Married applicants should also submit the date of birth/ID card number of the spouse to:

Mr Anthony Mizzi,
Citizenship Department,
Evans Buildings,

Email: anthony.g.mizzi@gov.mt     T: +356 25904 823


FORTHCOMING WARRANT EXAM SESSIONS:  4th January 2018  and 28th July 2018



Warrant Exam Papers 2003- July 2017